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After you receive your free inspection, you can expect to receive an estimate within the next 48 hrs. 

Yes. Here’s our 24/7 emergency line: +1 (407) 973-5162

No. If they are required for the job, our administrative team will handle all of the necessary permits. 

Yes. After the job is done you will receive a closeout package which includes a warranty for the services provided. 

The time of the warranty will depend on the type of job that is done, nevertheless you will always be given a warranty. 

We do! Go to our financing tab to start your application and select the option that fits you the best!

It would depend on many factors such as missing shingles, cracked shingles, major leaks, among many others. Schedule a free inspection and one of our staff experts will assist you with that. 

Yes, when you refer a family or friend and they receive services from us we give you a $100 Gift Card! Fill out the referral form here.

No matter what you’re having done to your roof, it’s vital to hire a roofing company with the right expertise. Kissimmee roofing contractors with little or no experience can inadvertently cause further damage or create new problems that will need to be fixed.
When you hire a roofing company, make sure they are licensed and registered professionals in the state of Florida. You can also check a contractor’s license at Florida DBPR.
As you contact different Kissimmee roofing contractors, ask questions. You should know what’s included in the price estimate, what their warranty covers, who will pay for potential landscape or property damage, and approximate start and end dates.

There’s no denying that roof repairs and installation are extremely risky and dangerous. If you hire a roofer that is not licensed and doesn’t have adequate insurance, you might leave yourself at risk of being held liable if there’s any injury or damage. Any Florida roofing contractor needs to be licensed by the Florida DBPR and they need to have a certificate of competency.

Most homes will need a roof replacement at least once during the time you live there. Roofs are directly exposed to the elements and are your first line of defense, so after so many years, it’s only natural that they’ll need to be fixed. When it comes to the cost of a roof replacement, there are several factors to consider: how big your roof is, whether you’re planning on tearing the old roof off or not, and what type of roofing material you want. It’s common for estimates to go from $5,000 to over $9,000 depending on the various factors. Give us a call so our roofing expert can give you an estimated quote.

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