Are All Roofers The Same?

Are All Roofers the Same? Tips on Finding the Right Roofing Company For You

Installing a new roof doesn’t always have to be a stressful ordeal. Not if you hire the right roofing company that has the right skills, expertise, and emphasis on customer service. It’s vital to learn how to sift out the good Kissimmee roofing companies from the unprofessional ones. 

Here are some valuable tips on finding the right roofing company that will complete your project successfully.

Tips on Finding the Right Roofing Company For You

Paying attention now will mean you do not pay the price later, and knowing the right questions to ask can save you from choosing the wrong roofing company.

Reputation Check

An online check can reveal much about a company’s reputation, as will reviews and testimonials from their previous customers. Another way would be to check if the roofer is registered with the Better Business Bureau, which usually indicates the level of quality you can expect from their work.

Official Documents

A reliable and reputable roofing company should always have the right documentation, and that means the proper licensing and insurance coverage are in place before they start work.

Every city or county will have different building codes or construction work requirements, and the roofing company must adhere to the regulations. The insurance coverage will also ensure you are not liable for any mishaps during the project.

Go Local

Choosing your local roofer makes communication much more straightforward. Your local roofing company will intricately understand the weather and common roofing issues in your state. You’ll also be able to ask your neighbors or other locals about the local company you’re considering, and you’ll likely come across people who are their previous customers. 

You might even be able to do a drive-by observation of other locals’ roofs that were done or are being done by the company you’re considering.

Local roofers also know that they have a reputation to maintain locally. There’s more to lose if they don’t produce good workmanship. 


With a roof expected to shield you from the elements such as rain, snow, the sun, and more, the better quality materials used, the longer the lifespan of your new roof would be. Understand just what kind of materials are being used for your roof, and do your research. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to spot any potential lack of quality.

Ease of Mind

Even with a project that is finished, you might not be in the clear just yet. Ensure that you are safe from defects and errors with warranties. These can be manufacturer warranties to prevent defective products from becoming an issue in the near future, or workmanship warranties, which protect you from installation errors. Either way, you would want to be covered.

Good Communication

You should have an idea of how seriously a roofing company takes its communication with its customers. Did they take a long time to get back to you with a quote? Do your calls get returned in a reasonable amount of time? If your roofing company isn’t good with their communication, you could have many issues with your roofing project.


Installing or repairing your roof is a big project that will cost a significant amount. So it’s worth doing your research and finding the right roofing company that will deliver the results you want. 

Legion Roofing and Construction is a trusted family-run roofing company in Kissimmee. Call us today to get a free estimate and know that you’re in good hands with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

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