Every roof has a different style that is used when building a house. The two most common styles in the United States are the Gable and the Hip style. The differences between these two are visible differences and cost differences.


Gable style roofs are also known as a peek or pitched roof. The gable style roof is the most common roof style in the United States. It can easily be identified by their triangular shape.

A few reasons why people choose to install a gable roof is the cost, the option to have more attic/ventilation room and the option to choose a different style shingle. Installing a gable roof is going to cost less due to not having complex braces installed and using less material to fabricate a gable roof frame.  When the gable style roof is installed, it creates more room in the upper portion of a home, this could either be the attic or a bonus room with dormers.

Lastly, with a gable roof, you have a large choice to choose from regarding the type of shingle you would like. Choices vary from cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, metal, terracotta tile even concrete tiles. The gable style roofs can be ambiguous in hurricane areas and high wind areas. The construction of the roof frames requires no real braces, so if a storm hits, and the overhang is out enough, it can create an uplifting and tear the roof right off. The gable style roof is very convenient and very inexpensive, but it must be properly installed to ensure that it can withhold major storms.


The hip style roof has a few pros and cons that follow it around as well.

The pros of a hip roof are that it can withhold major storms. The structure of the hip roof is durable, and stable when installed correctly. The responsible factors that assist with the strength of the hip roof are the inbound slope on all four sides.

The cons of having a hip roof are that the cost to build one is more expensive.  It is also more complex, which requires more material to be used. So, whenever you are considering a style of a roof, keep these factors in mind. That way you will be more educated about both Gable and hip roofs.


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