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How Can I Make My New Roof Last as Long as Possible?

When you pay to replace your old roof, you want to ensure that your new investment lasts as long as possible. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for their new roof, leading to it wearing down quicker.

Even in Florida, where the weather can be hard on your roof, there are a few things that you can do as a homeowner that will help your new roof last as long as possible. 

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How To Make My New Roof Last As Long As Possible

  1. Avoid Power Washing

While power washing may seem like a great way to remove embedded dirt, leaves, and debris, it is hard on shingles. The powerful spray will loosen the protective top coating on your shingles and can take a few years off the lifespan of your new roof. The damage done by power washing is both irreversible and not covered by your warranty, so it’s best to avoid this.

Instead of power washing, use a leaf blower to blow all the dirt and leaves off your roof. A broom is also another option that can work even on moss that’s growing on your roof.

When it comes time to wash your roof, hire a professional roof cleaning company that has the expertise to do the job correctly.

  1. Check the Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause many problems for your roof, even if it may not always be as visible. So it’s vital to ensure that any fans and vents don’t lead into the roof where condensation may build up. 

If your roof isn’t being properly ventilated, the built-up moisture will quickly cause the roof structure to deteriorate. In Florida, where humidity is often high, this is especially crucial.

  1. Clean Gutters Often

Over time, your gutters will become full of debris that can block the flow of water during a storm. With nowhere to go, the trapped water will build up on your roof and could lead to leaks and water damage. Simply cleaning your gutters once every other week or so can do a lot to prevent leaks and other water-related damage.

To further protect your roof, cut back any nearby tree branches or tall hedges. This can reduce the amount of debris that falls on your roof and plugs up your gutters, but it can also prevent large branches from falling onto your roof during a storm.

  1. Invest in Preventative Care

Scheduling routine maintenance for your roof can do wonders to keep it in good shape. Preventative care helps ensure that any potential problems are found before they grow too large to handle or cause greater problems. Preventive care is much less expensive than replacing your roof in the long run.

  1. Fortify Your Roof

In hurricane-prone Florida, fortifying your roof is always recommended. By fortifying your roof, you give it a better chance of standing up against strong weather that may cause severe damage to the roof.

Fortifying your roof is a three-stage process and can be done by professional roofing contractors like us. It consists of installing seal decking, using ring shank nails with extra ribbing to resist uplift, and locking down the edges of your roof with metal flashing. The cost of fortifying your roof is well worth it to protect your home from the weather.

  1. Watch for Problems

Simply keeping an eye out for problems is a great way to catch them early on. The sooner a problem is caught, the less it will cost to repair and the less damage your roof will sustain. To make it easier to notice problems, take a picture of your new roof and conduct a thorough search for anything that seems out of place every now and then.


Regular maintenance of your roof will help it last longer. While your roof is new now, it needs your help to stay in good shape, and by taking the time to do a few basic maintenance tasks, you can keep it in good condition for longer. 

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