New Roof Vs. Old Roof

My Roof is 15-Years Old. Will my Insurance cover it?

A typical question homeowners face, is whether or not their home insurance will cover roof repair or roof replacement for an older roof.

Needless to say that the answer depends on many factors such as the kind of policy you have, the age of your roof, the severity of the damage, the cause of the damage, roof material, repair or replacement history, and many other factors.

Since these things are difficult to determine on your own, it’s important to consult a roofing service company to do a thorough roof inspection.

To answer the question concisely:

Yes, it is typical that insurance will cover a 15-year-old roof in many cases. Insurance companies won’t just pay to replace a roof because it’s old, but if your old roof has significant damage caused by insurable events then it’s highly probable that they’ll pay for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

If you need professional assistance in assessing your roof’s condition, Roofclaim can help. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

Wear and Tear or Covered Damage?

If you have a 15-year-old roof, odds are that there’s a ton of normal wear and tear. This type of damage falls under general maintenance, which is part of your responsibility as a homeowner.

To simplify it, this means that just having an old roof doesn’t represent you can file an insurance claim.

Now, if your 15-year-old roof has damage caused by other factors, then you might have a claim. First, you need to make sure that the damage was caused by an act of nature, an accident that is out of your control, or something other than age.

How Many Claims Have You Filed in the Past?

It is important as a homeowner that you are aware of how many claims you have filed on your insurance over the past three to seven years. It is worth noting that insurance companies have a record of the number of filed claims.

Multiple kinds of research in the state of Florida have proven that more than two claims filed from the past five years could inflate your premiums’ cost. If you raised a claim with minimal damage to your property, it is often viewed as a waste of the claim when you could hire a roofing contractor out of pocket to do roof maintenance or roof repairs.

It’s definitely worth filing an insurance claim for a roof that has legitimately covered damages, though. Covered damages like hurricanes, tornados, hail and wind damage are covered by most policies.

Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage?

Hail can create significant damage to your roof, even if you have a more durable type of roof. Damaged shingles will continue deteriorating over time and will fail in the end, causing roof leaks and additional damage.

For this reason, hail damage is one of the most common types of roof damage that leads to roof insurance claims and eventual roof replacement.

Your insurance company may replace the entire roof if significant hail damage is found during an inspection, even if the roof is older. It does depend on other factors, though, which is another reason you need a detailed inspection report.

Does Your Roof Have Wind Damage?

Strong winds can cause shingles to break and fold, or “crease.” The shingle will stay on the roof, but wind-blown rain can penetrate from underneath it.

Moreover, creased shingles won’t let rainwater cascade. The water will get absorbed along the crease instead. This condition will dismount the shingle’s layers and cause significant damage.

You may not be able to see this type of damage from the ground, but an inspection will reveal it. With wind damage being a common occurrence that is generally covered by roof insurance policies, it’s a good chance for you to win a replacement claim, even if your roof is older.

Back to the main question: Will My Insurance Cover a 15-Year-Old Roof?

When you have an older roof, more care needs to be taken with regard to documentation and the timing of your claim. That’s why it is advisable to not do anything until you speak with a professional roof inspector.

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