Replacing a Roof and Insurance Claims

As a new homeowner, you might not know what to do when suspecting any weather-related roof damage. Calling your insurance company and filing a claim is the first step that needs to be made when any wind or hail damage to the roof is suspected.


All insurance companies take roofing claims very seriously. To prevent any further damage to the interior they schedule a roof inspection within 24 to 48 hours and come out to inspect the roof for hail or wind damage. Once the insurance adjuster comes out to inspect the roof depending on the amount of hail or wind damage he will either approve or deny the roof replacement. After the roof has been approved for replacement the insurance adjuster will come up with an estimate and release a first insurance check. That money should be used by the roofing company to purchase all the needed material. At this point, the homeowner should have a roofer who is going to do the roof replacement. After the roof is replaced the roofing company will send the homeowner’s insurance company a Form of Completion and a Final Invoice. After the insurance company receives the Form of Completion and a Final Invoice they will release a recoverable depreciation.

All the balance that the insurance company is giving towards the roof replacement belongs to the roofer who is performing the replacement. Therefore, as soon as the replacement is completed the homeowner is obligated to pay the roofer both insurance checks plus a homeowner’s deductible. Unfortunately, we had customers who after receiving the first insurance payment, start searching for multiple roofing quotes from different roofers. The reason for that is they plan to keep some of the roofing money and go with the cheapest quote. However, it is considered insurance fraud and can be penalized.


If you live in Orlando area and surrounds, and you think your roof might have been impacted by hail or wind, call Legion Roofing. Legion Roofing and Construction is a certified roofing company that has been in the roofing business for years. At Legion Roofing we have highly trained professionals who will come out and inspect your roof for any weather-related damages at no cost. If there happens to be any damage to the roof we will take pictures and help you file your insurance claim. We will deal with your insurance company directly and save you a lot of stress and headache. You can also visit our website at legionroofingfla.com and find out everything about our services.

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