New roofing projects are usually delayed beyond the needed time span. This meaning Homeowners tend to call local roofing companies only when they start to see signs of roofing leaks because they don’t know. In this short blog, Legion Roofing and Construction will explain 3 simple roofing warning signs that homeowners can use to identify roof threatening situations. Local roofing contractors use these secret tips to identify these roofing issues. Now homeowners like yourself will be knowledgeable and educated.


Understand and do your research on the age of your home and the roof. Find out when you last had a free roof inspection do by a local roofing contractor. Lastly, how old are the asphalt shingle that was used on your roof? Finding the answers to these roofing questions will assist with your primary roof inspection. Most professional roofing contractors agree that a typical roof will last a homeowner fifteen to twenty years, however here in Florida due to the unexpected and drastic weather, it may be less than that. If the dwelling in which you inhabit is past twenty years, it is highly recommended to get a roof inspection scheduled. New roofing is a process that can take a while if it is done through home insurance, therefore it is recommended to get it done sooner than later. The roofing inspector can then identify if the homeowner qualifies for insurance-covered new roofing replacement.


Missing roofing asphalt shingles is the easiest way to identify that you need a new roof. Asphalt shingles are torn off most of the time due to high wind storms. When the roofing shingles are missing off a roofing system, the internal roofing materials are exposed to weather elements, such as the rain and the heat of the sun. Another tip to keep on the lookout for is the gutter system. The gutter system will assist in identifying loose shingle granules. Loose granules are more susceptible to windstorms. The internal material will be deteriorated by the weather elements exposing mother nature into the home. Call us today so we can provide a free roof inspection and same-day estimate.


Every time Legion Roofing and Construction does a roof inspection, the inspector makes sure that they check out the attic. Roofing systems are closest to the home’s attic, and that is where most roofing problems are located. Two pieces of things to be on the lookout for when in the attic is soft plywood spots and exposed daylight through the roof decking. Roofing soft spot is caused by water getting past the asphalt shingles and all other roofing protection. Most of the time the roofing soft spot is rotting away plywood. Roofing repairs for issues like this are not an option. If you locate one area, then lurking in the area is another soft spot. With plywood dry, rotting daylight is usually exposed. If daylight is visible through the roofing decking, then the water has an entry into the attic.

New roofing projects can be confusing, but with these three tips, homeowners can be sure to get the most out of their new roofing projects. Keep in mind that roof repairs are more costly in the long run. New roofing is the best, most economical project overall. Schedule your appointment with us today and receive a free inspection!


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