Metal roofing in Orlando FL is not as common as asphalt roofing. Sheet Metal Roofing is not done by most roofing contractors in Orlando due to the following reasons. First off roofing contractors have limited knowledge about sheet metal roofing. Lastly, roofing contractors in Orlando FL do not have a high demand for sheet metal roofing. In this blog, we will explain 2 basic methods about metal roofing.


Metal Roofing is installed by 2 different methods. The first method is the R-Panel metal roofing and the second method is the V-Crimp roofing style (also known as 5V-Crimp). The easier of the two styles to install is the V-crimp, due to the installation having no lap screws to place into the sheet metal roofing panels. Place the panels, allowing 3-6 inches overhang for rainfall. Attach all the panel to the roof and screw them into the plywood decking. It is better to screw them in opposed to nailing them in. Screws will keep the metal sheets in places. Alter all the needed metal roofing sheets, if needed. Caulk up all exposed nails, and the project is completed.

The R-Panel metal roofing method is very similar to the V-method. The most noticeable difference is that the size of the roofing panels, and having lap screws. The V-crimp panels are 24″ width coverage panel with two 1/2″ ribs on both sides, and on the rib in the middle. The R-panel roofing panel is 36″ width coverage panel with 1-1/4″ ribs aligned precisely 12″ apart. The installation has an option to use screws or nails. Most roofing contractors in Orlando prefer to use screws. Install the bigger panels, and caulk the needed areas and the roof in completed.


Every roofing material has benefits to using it, and sheet metal roofing is no exception. First off, sheet metal roofing can withstand higher winds than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing has lower profile gaps, allowing the wind to pass by easier. Most asphalt roofing systems have algae growth on them. The benefit of a sheet metal roofing is that algae usually stays away from metal roofs. Another benefit is the life expectancy metal roof has, it can easily double the life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof.

The cons of owning a sheet metal roofing is that they are sensitive. After the installation, the roof has to be so clean that anyone can eat off it. This is needed because any roofing debriscan cause rust near the debris area. Therefore constant maintenance is needed on sheet metal roofing.


Sheet metal roofing is not for all homes in Orlando And Kissimmee FL but if you decide to go with it keep these factors in mind. Roofing material needs to come from a reputable company. If not, you may risk high costs in the future, like paying for a  rusted roof. Hire a BBB accredit roofing contractor. Review their information to verify that they have experience in sheet metal roofing. Roofing contractors in Kissimmee and Orlando FL can not install sheet metal roofing during the rain season. If your pros overpower the cons of having a sheet metal roofing then you should go for it.

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