Why is it important to hire a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims

Why is it important to hire a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims

Why is it important to hire a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims. Very important! But it’s not enough information for you to make a decision, so here we are going to be explaining every detail about it, from the experience of a Kissimmee roofing company.

Climate has been rough these years because of the globalization and climate change, and we can see how it has been affecting us directly and indirectly, not just us, the whole world. Hurricanes, storms, high wind gusts, floods, high temperatures and much more. These are just some of the situations for which it would be important to hire a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims.

How is the process with a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims?


Let’s begin with all the damage these situations can cause to your roof. From Legion Roofing and Construction and, as Kissimmee Roofing Company we have seen all. We have plenty experience identifying all these specific situations and repairing it as well.

So, after one of these natural disasters damage your roof, are you able to go through the stress of making a claim and dealing with an insurance company by yourself? Oh well, we don’t really think so… better think about this, wouldn’t it be nice having someone on your side as you’re going through all this? Exactly! That’s where Legion Roofing and Construction, your Kissimmee Roofing Company comes in. But first, let’s identify the damage.

So that’s the first thing we do. We make main revision on your roof and property and once identified we proceed on evaluate the kind of insurance you may need. After that our team proceed on estimate the costs with the Insurance Company and finally we began the reparations. When this type of natural phenomenon happens, it is best to have an expert taking a look at the roof after a storm. Our Roofers from Legion Roofing and Construction, your Kissimmee Roofing Company roof repair team specializes in checking all types of roofs for storm damage to prevent risk to your family.

As a home owner you will make a decision based not only in the resistance of the material and all the damage it can prevent with that inversion, but over all your family’s security. Which is the most important factor to take in consdideration.

To truly get a positive experience when dealing with insurance, you need to hire a roofing contractor that has experience working with insurance claims as Legion Roofing and Construction. Many residential property owners have educated themselves on planning and preparation for pre-storm and wind damage over the past tweny years. Long-term planning is important, as maintenance of roof systems, bracing structures with impact windows, doors, and hurricane straps are not only recommended, but may be required by certain municipalities and building codes in the United States.

An experienced Kissimmee Roofing Company will properly address and identify issues that maybe you are not capable or may not understand. Lots of these issues will be difficult to investigate and document once certain repairs are made to the property. So we recommend that you contact a Kissimmee Roofing Company in the early stages of your claim and damage and before trying the repairs by yourself. Storm and wind damage will present problems to a home and its homeowner, so immediate action is required and many times they are unprepared.

As soon as your insurance claim is revised and approved, then you’re ready to start the replacement process. Remember, with a Kissimmee roofing company that works with insurance claims because they’ll know all the process; How the insurance claim works, how to read your claim, fight to make sure everything is correct on the estimate, and how to do the work in compliance with the insurance company. And definitely Kissimmee roofing company that regularly works with insurance can also save you from inadvertently insurance fraud. For sure!

At Legion Roofing and Construction we are licensed, bonded, and insured so don’t hesitate to request your free estimate for hiring the best Kissimmee roofing company for your next installation, replacement or repairing in residential roofing services. Fill out the form today and one of our agents will get in contact with you to get a FREE inspection and estimate in less than 48hrs!


What you should do after a natural disaster?


Natural disasters devastate the United States year after year, it’s a common situation that is not only affecting the land and nature, but also our homes and our roofs, the last one our main preocupation. So what should you do when a natural disaster strikes at your state?

When disaster strikes, it’s important to contact a Kissimme roofing company immediately. Because a damaged or leaking roof can cause significant issues to your home and to your health. The moisture in your home can cause mold, mildew and wood rot, which is dangerous for the structural integrity of your home specifically and to your health, making difficult to you to breathe.

After the storm has passed, check the damage of your roof by walking around your property. Document the damage you see from a safe place and not putting your security at risk, by looking for missing shingles, exposed plywood and tarpaper, dented gutters and gable vents and other areas that may have been affected. Also take in consideration the severity of the damage and take photos if you can, so should you need them for insurance purposes.

If you note that your home suffered extensive damage, contact your Kissimme roofing company. As we mentioned before you need to hire a Kissimme roofing company that has experience working with insurance claims as Legion Roofing and Construction. Because as an experienced roofing company in damage we know all the process with insurance claims and we can help you file the documents needed and get adequate compensation using the notes and photos you took during your initial assessment.


3 things you need to look for in a Kissimmee roofing company for your insurance replacement


There are a few things to know about hiring a Kissimmee roofing company for your insurance replacement after a natural disaster. They should also be local to your area or at least from surrounding areas, have all appropriate paperwork and experience, and back up their workmanship.

• Hire a local roofing company in your area: When looking for potential and experienced contractors to hire, in this case a Kissimmee Roofing Company, especially for insurance work, it’s crucial that you pick one local to your area. They should have a physical office location in your area and a phone number with a local area code to respond efficetively.

Why? The main reason for this is because many companies out of state (storm chasers) come in after a big storm or natural disaters in general and changes the prices of the local roofing companies in your area. They will send you a highly trained salespeople and will begin going from one door to another in your neighborhood using specific tactics to try to sell new roofs to the unwary, defenseless and stressed homeowners.

Once they get your money and move on to the next storm-hit town, the crews stay behind to do the work that you have contracted. Usually, the work on these roofs is poorly done without caring about following local codes or careless techniques. Also in some cases the homeowners being trick. That’s something that an experienced and local Kissimmee Roofing Company as Legion Roofing and Construction won’t do to their clients.

So, to ensure this doesn’t happen to you when a very strong storm comes through Kissimmee or other area near to you, make sure you reach out to a local reputable roofing company if your roof has suffered its damage.

• They have all the appropriate paperwork and experience to work in your area: Every Kissimmee roofing company should be licensed, bonded, and insured. These three statements of paper are in place to protect you and ensure the job is done in the correct way.

You need to make sure you hire a local roofing company that is licensed, bonded, and insured specifically in your state or area. If they’re missing even one of the three paperwork, it puts you and your roof investment at a total risk. Any local roofing contractor that’s licensed, bonded, and insured will be more than secure and proud to show you their paperwork to prove it. But it also should be important to you.


For a Kissimmee roofing company to get a license, all they have to do is register with the state board of licensing contractors. The price of the job will determine what license they will need. For example, a job over $3,000, requires a home improvement license and anything over $25,000 requires a general contractor’s license. Roofing companies should have a general contractor’s license since a roof is a very large investment.


A Kissimmee roofing company ensures that if a company goes out of business during the middle of a job or if there’s a problem with the work on a currently basis and they don’t fix it on time, then the customer can get back on the bond company. Being bonded means that a bonding company knows that the roofing company does business correctly, ethically and effectively. The bonding company puts up the bond because they know the contractor will do the job in the correct way.


All roofing company should be fully insured with general liability, workman’s comp, and a company vehicle insurance policy on all the vehicles owned and unowned in the company. General liability insurance and workman’s comp limits depend on the size of the contractor’s jobs during the season and the state they’re located in. If all they’re doing is small residential work, their general liability will not be the same as a roofing company that does larger jobs.

If a Kissimmee roofing company isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured in your state, don’t even think about hiring them. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you will have literally zero recourse and valid arguments to justify yourself.

• They provide you with a warranty to back up their workmanship: Roof warranties are in place to protect your roof investment for sure. You will have one for your roofing materials and another on the contractor’s workmanship. Workmanship varies from contractor to contractor, but every roofing company should offer a warranty on their workmanship. They could offer anywhere from one year to even a lifetime.

No matter what roof work you will need, if a contractor doesn’t offer you a valid warranty on their workmanship, don’t even consider hiring them.


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