Homeowners Insurance Rate Increase

Will a Roof Replacement Raise Your Insurance if You File a Claim

There are many times when home insurance rates will rise. They can increase due to inflation. They also change when the risks at your home go up. Claims can be a factor, too. What happens when you get a new roof at the home?

Getting a new roof might cause your homeowner’s insurance rates to rise or fall. It could help lower your rates because it makes the home safer. However, if you need a new rate due to a claim, that may increase your costs in some cases. How do you know what to expect?


Will Home Insurance Cover Your Roof Claim?

Home insurance may cover the repair or replacement of your roof in some cases. This happens if your insurance company determines a covered peril caused the damage. Hail, storm damage, falling objects, and fire are some of the most common covered damages.


Is This Your First Claim?

Most of the time, a single claim is not going to raise your  home insurance rates. If it does, it may not cost much more. Most insurance companies expect to pay out from time to time for covered losses. That is why you have the policy.

However, if you have a number of claims in a short period of time, that can raise concerns for the insurer. Their job, after all, is to be profitable. They cannot be profitable if you have numerous claims. For that reason, they may raise your costs if you file numerous claims. In some cases, especially when there are numerous claims, they can also elect not to renew your policy.


Worried About Increasing Costs?

At the moment of filing a claim, it is extremely important to know the condition of your roof and have the proper knowledge for filing the claim. Here at Legion Roofing and Construction, we count on the best specialists for handling insurance claims and easing the process during each step, we’re a certified roofing company located in Kissimmee, FL with more than 10 years of knowledge working with insurance companies. Our team of experts will provide you with assistance from start to end. Call us Today to schedule a FREE Inspection.

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