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Things to Know About Homeowners Insurance in the State of Florida.

Strong winds and storms can cause damage to a roof that can, if left unaddressed, result in further damage to the house. The roof of a house is designed to protect the interior from the elements, but if it is damaged, it can’t perform that function properly. Roof leaks can cause damage inside the house if they’re not caught in time. Most weather events that can cause roof damage are covered by standard homeowners’ insurance policies, although there may be exceptions.

However, insurance companies are businesses interested in making a profit. Paying out large sums of money towards roof damage insurance claims decreases the profits the insurance company can make. Therefore, some insurance companies may act unscrupulously and deny claims in bad faith in order to make money.

Is Roof Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Depending on the circumstances, your roof damage may be covered by homeowners insurance. What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance will typically depend on how that damage was sustained and the specific language of your policy.

Most commonly, homeowners insurance will help cover sudden, unexpected damage caused by fire, wind, and hail damage. If a tree fell onto your roof due to a storm, for example, that would often be covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy. If a hailstorm damaged your roof and caused a leak, then your policy may also cover the cost of repairing that leak.

On the other hand, your homeowners insurance is not likely to cover damage resulting from natural wear-and-tear over time – or neglectful maintenance routines. To better understand what kind of roof damage is covered by insurance, let’s take a closer look at some state regulations in Florida.

What Is Valued Policy Law?

Under Florida’s Valued Policy Law, if a home is a total loss but has been damaged by more than one peril, only one of which was covered, the insurance company may have to pay the full amount, within the limits of what the insurance policy covers, even though only a percentage of the damage was caused by the covered peril. This only applies to a total loss, however, and not to a partial loss, unless the damage was caused by fire.

What Is the Florida Building Code?

In Florida, the Building Code has a 25% rule. What this means is that if 25% or more of the roof or 25% of a roof segment needs repair, then the entire roof or segment must be replaced in order to meet the building code requirements. Because of this, homeowners in Florida may be entitled to a full replacement of a roof or segment of a roof if enough of it is damaged by a covered peril, even if the insurance policy prefers to cover repairs.

Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

If your roof has been damaged, it’s important to make a claim with your insurance company first as soon as possible. However, contacting a certified roofing contractor before you file your claim can often make life easier in the long run.

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